Shake, rattle, bang mystery

20:30, Jun 28 2012

Temuka residents are concerned about mystery bangs and shakes in the Factory Rd area.

A resident near the Factory Rd power substation phoned The Timaru Herald yesterday asking whether it had heard anything about loud bangs and shakes in the area during the past two days.

People commenting on the newspaper's Facebook page said they also heard the mystery sounds.

Elle Mitchell, who lives in Temuka, said she thought it was an earthquake. "I checked and there wasn't one, so maybe these bangs and shakes are what I have been feeling/hearing."

Stacey Dorne described it as a loud bang. "Like something hitting the house and then my whole house jolts like an earthquake but without the earthquake, gives me a bit of a fright."

Sophie Anderson said she lived in Cass St in Temuka and heard noises overnight.

"It sounded like earthquakes but no shaking."

Have you heard or felt any unexplained bangs or shakes? Email Fleur Cogle at The Timaru Herald.


The Timaru Herald