Having a cut-price ball

21:48, Jul 05 2012
Sisters Mikaela and Millie Farr
COST-CONSCIOUS: Sisters Mikaela and Millie Farr found out that using Chinese websites kept the cost of going to the Roncalli ball within reason.

School balls can be expensive affairs for girls but sisters Mikaela and Millie Farr have kept the cost down by importing their gowns from China.

They won't have been the only ones at last night's Roncalli College ball wearing gowns from overseas websites as the trend starts to become popular.

Mikaela found her baby blue gown on sale for $86 and when added to her $14 shoes she bought off a New Zealand website, she was set to go for $100, hair-do and spray tan aside.

Her brother Daniel also came to the party by making her jewellery.

Millie went for a slightly more expensive soft lilac number but it, too, was far cheaper in comparison with buying in New Zealand.

Mikaela said it took a while to find them, as different websites had the same dress for different prices. Shopping around helped, as she found it for almost half the price first advertised.


She agreed there was a risk buying "blind" as you might have to spend more money altering it. "They offer to alter it but you would have to send it back, so time becomes an issue," she said.

Millie found her dress was somewhat see-through on arrival but used the the excess length as a lining and was very happy with the result.

It was not the first time she had bought a ball gown from overseas and mum Cathy Farr said she was happy with both her daughters' purchases. "Certainly you don't want to spend too much, as there is a risk."

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