Cafe in the Bay - council wants someone to run it

Hands up those who want to run a cafe in Caroline Bay.

Not only did the Timaru District Council's community development committee agree to areas where a cafe could be established this week, but also agreed to call for expressions of interest from parties keen to establish and operate such a business.

And there were parties interested in such an opportunity, council parks and reserve manager Bill Steans told the meeting.

The South Canterbury Roller Skating Club has also indicated it might be interested in being a partner to such a venture.

Councillors agreed a cafe could be built at either end of the bay, with the central area being kept clear to ensure the view from the piazza was not interrupted.

The areas that will be available are around the skate bowl and mini-golf, and the eastern portion of the bay near the campervan parking area and skating rink.

Any building would need to be inland of the sand dunes now that little blue penguins had been found there, Mr Steans said.

ECan has indicated it would be feasible to build in the hazard zone.

Mr Steans said it was important that any building was sympathetic to the location and the design compatible with the Caroline Bay design.

He suggested that hiring of recreational and beach equipment could be combined with a cafe.

The council previously decided it would not invest in the facility.

Anyone wanting to establish a cafe would need to apply for a liquor licence if they wanted to serve alcohol. Mr Steans said nothing prevented an application being made for a licence, but there could be an issue on New Year's Eve when a liquor ban applied in the area.

The Caroline Bay Management Plan will need to be updated to allow for a cafe, but as soon as that is done the council could call for expressions of interest.

The Timaru Herald