Assault victim feared she would die

A woman said she feared she was going to die during an assault by Deon James Plumridge.

She read a victim impact statement in Timaru District Court yesterday before Plumridge, 41, was sentenced to eight years' in jail.

He was appearing before Judge Joanna Maze on charges of aggravated robbery, demanding with intent to steal, assaulting a female, assault with a weapon, escaping lawful custody and breaching a protection order.

They were the latest in a list of over 100 convictions, 43 of which were for violence-related offences over a span of 22 years.

At 5.30am on May 12, 2010, Plumridge went to the first victim's property and woke him by tapping on the window. Plumridge gained access and pulled out a knife and demanded money and valuables.

The man gave him his eftpos card and pin number and Plumridge then drove to Northtown Westpac ATM and withdrew $460.

Later the same day Plumridge burst into a house convinced the occupants had stolen money and drugs from him and pulled a knife, and threatened one of the men.

He ransacked the house looking for money, punched the man and held the knife to his throat but left when police arrived.

Plumridge then went to Richard Pearse Tavern to meet a friend. He started texting his female associate to come to the tavern and bring a shank (knife) as he had been in an altercation.

She drove to pick him up but didn't bring a knife, which upset Plumridge, who assaulted her and a 2-year-old child in the car.

The assault continued once they returned to her house, with Plumridge throwing furniture and grabbing the woman by the throat, punching and slapping her.

The woman read her impact statement in court yesterday.

"I have been a lot more on edge than I used to be and I am still terrified he is going to kill me. I wake with nightmares and so does my son."

Plumridge also read a statement and said his morphine addiction had been behind the offending.

"I have spent 26 months in custody and hold total responsibility. I have spent most of my adult life rebelling against the law."

He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment with a minimum of four years to be served.

The Timaru Herald