Council votes to abolish wards

Now that councillors have voted to do away with wards and elect councillors at large, what happens next?

● August/September 2012 - Formal one-month consultation on the initial proposal (10 councillors elected at large).

● October 2012 - If there are no submissions, the proposal becomes final. If there are submissions, the council considers submissions and a hearing may be held if required. The council then decides and notifies the final proposal.

● November 2012 - Appeals/objections to the final proposal close.

● Beyond November - Should appeals/objections be received, then, by law, these are forwarded to the Local Government Commission which determines the final makeup of the council.

● April 2013 - Local Government Commission required to give final determination for the council if required.

● October 2013 - Local government elections.

The Timaru Herald