Caution needed at intersections

17:00, Aug 24 2012

A stop sign means stop - even if you're turning left.

Obvious? Not to everyone apparently, especially at two intersections on Craigie Ave.

The intersections at College Rd and Hassall St seem to be causing confusion since the change of the left-turning rule.

Sparked by a reader's remark, the Herald asked on its Facebook page whether people knew of some drivers giving way when they shouldn't be (the ones at the give way sign), and not giving way when they should be (the ones at the stop sign).

Dozens of people responded. And the Herald's own cursory inspection also revealed some drivers were seemingly unaware of what to do.

"Due to my work routine, I have to be turning right at this intersection all the time - I have right of way as I am on a give way, and the other car's on a stop. However it seems rare that the people on the stop sign are aware of this - so I go very very carefully," said reader Jan Westoby-Cox .


Claire Wilkins agreed: "Don't get me started . . . This issue brings out my road rage."

Other people expressed concern the intersection was an accident waiting to happen.

South Canterbury road safety co-ordinator Daniel Naude was not sure whether there had been more problems since the new give way rules came into effect in May.

"That might have confused things. But it's an area we've had to put out notices on before. It's hard to determine how many near-misses there have been," he said.

"However, one of the traits of good driving is to compensate for others' bad driving."

Timaru senior sergeant Mark Offen said the police had not declared the area a high-risk intersection: "The intersection that appears to be much riskier is near Evans St, where all the fast-food places are," he said.

The Craigie Ave intersections are close to a number of schools. Timaru South School acting principal Cheryl Ritani said the board had discussed measures in the past, but there had not been any real progress.

The Timaru Herald