Power out in Pareora

Power has been restored to all homes in Pareora after 300 were affected by a power cut this afternoon.

Alpine Energy chief executive Andrew Tombs said the incident occurred about 2.30pm, but it was uncertain of the cause.

''A resident heard a 'bang' and we're trying to investigate whether it is related [to the outage]. We still don't know the cause of the outage yet,'' he said.

Mr Tombs said that all but 40 of the affected houses had their power back on within the hour.

''There was a similar incident on Monday, which also saw 300 homes lose their power briefly. It is quite probable whatever caused that incident also caused this one,'' he said.

''Our first priority is to get all the houses back online safely, but we will debrief, and try to determine the cause.''

The Timaru Herald