Region's GPs hit toddler jab target

00:59, Sep 05 2012

South Canterbury GPs are the country's most efficient at giving toddlers their childhood jabs, latest figures show.

Reports from the Health Ministry show South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB) is ranked first out of 20 health boards for ensuring 95 per cent of two-year-olds are fully immunised.

Figures released this week show the SCDHB has exceeded that target by 1 per cent, which is a 3.3 per cent improvement on the previous quarter.

The board has met five of its six health targets in the last quarter.

The only target missed was for more heart and diabetes checks.

The target was to get 60 per cent of the eligible population put through a cardiovascular risk assessment in the past five years.


SCDHB was ranked 17th, with a 42 per cent success rate. However, that success rate was a 6.4 per cent improvement on the previous quarter. SCDHB was ranked third for shorter stays in the emergency department.

Figures show 98 per cent of patients at Timaru Hospital were admitted, discharged or transferred from the emergency department within six hours. The target is 95 per cent.

The DHB was ranked 13th for access to elective surgery in the past quarter, with a success rate of 104 per cent.

The target is 100 per cent - increasing the volume of elective surgery by an average of 4000 discharges each year.

Latest results also show the board met its 100 per cent target to make waiting times for cancer treatment shorter.

All of the country's DHBs achieved that target.

It aims to make sure everyone ready for radiation treatment receives it within four weeks.

SCDHB has slipped back in its attempt to provide better help for smokers to quit.

The target is for DHBs to provide advice and help to 95 per cent of smokers who are hospitalised.

SCDHB was ranked 9th with a 96 per cent success rate, 1.2 per cent less than the previous quarter.

Health Minister Tony Ryall said nationally the latest health target showed DHBs were continuing to make improvements.

He said the Government was committed to "protecting and growing" public health services.

The Timaru Herald