Strange ringing noise hunted down

20:23, Sep 03 2012
z tank temuka
CULPRIT? The Z diesel tanker on Hally Terrace was thought to be responsible for the annoying noise in Temuka but that does not seem to be the case.

Z Energy had confirmed that its Temuka site is the source of the ringing noise that has been driving residents potty.

However, it is not coming from a diesel tank at the Hally Tce truck stop as previously thought.

Z Energy spokesperson Sheena Thomas said the source of the ringing, though yet to be identified, appeared to be coming from the card payment system at the unmanned site.

It could also be coming from the tank gauging system, she said.

She acknowledged the ringing could be disturbing residents and said anyone that heard it should call 0800 474 355 or report it by email to

"We always aim to be a good neighbour."


Residents should not be alarmed by the ringing as it was nothing dangerous, she said.

An inquiry made by The Timaru Herald last week was the first the company had heard about it. An engineer was at the site and was expected to have identified the problem today, she said..

Residents describe the ringing, that happens in the middle of the night and early morning as like a phone ringing. It has been heard by residents from Denmark St to Guise St.

It is the second time in two months that Temuka has been afflicted by peculiar noises. In June residents reported hearing and feeling strange bangs from the Factory Rd area. The source of those noises remains a mystery, with earthquakes ruled out.

The Timaru Herald