Dog policy a hot issue

Just what Timaru's district councillors think of the more relaxed dog control policy and bylaws being recommended by staff, remains to be seen.

Both the draft dog control policy and the draft of all council's bylaws were on the agendas of this week's council committee meetings, but councillors soon decided it was impractical to go through the documents that day.

Instead, councillors will hold a workshop to discuss any changes they wish to make to the draft documents before they go out for public consultation.

The bylaw expected to attract the most public attention deals with the control of dogs. The council must have a dog control policy, with the bylaw being the means by which that policy is enforced.

Among the changes suggested in the draft dog control policy are the ability for dogs to be walked off the lead on tracks in the Scenic Reserve, and to be on the Caroline Bay boardwalk and walkways as long as they are on the lead.

Council environmental services manager Rick Catchpowle said in putting the draft documents together, staff had listened to comments dog owners had made.

The Timaru Herald