Popular fete makes a comeback

Preparations for this year's Geraldine Summer Fete are under way.

The popular event will return to Stover Farm in November, marking three years since it began.

Event co-ordinator Deanna Mackenzie said 120 stalls had been confirmed, which included a range of clothing, jewellery, food and garden supplies.

A range of new artists, including a sculptor and photographers, will also showcase their works at the fete on November 1.

Preparations had been ongoing since February, Mrs Mackenzie said.

"It's crazy. You kind of get the hang of it [after three years], but it's coming along nicely.

"It makes the year long, but it's a lot of fun."

Mrs Mackenzie said making the fete an ongoing annual event was always the plan. "We didn't want it to be a one-minute wonder kind of thing.

"We wanted to keep going and as you get further down the track you get more momentum.

"People get to know it more and they hang out for it."

Last year's event, which also featured 120 stalls, attracted 1200 people.

"Hopefully the weather plays in our hands and we can get the same number this year.

"It's always a good thing."

The Timaru Herald