Indonesians given hot tips on cooking

Timaru firefighters have found themselves another role - as cooking coach to Indonesian contractors.

The firefighters were called to the smoke-filled Aldon House in Stafford St early yesterday afternoon.

They were mystified over where the smoke that set off the smoke alarms had come from, until one of the residents asked if he could turn the oven back on - and the smoke quickly reappeared. Station officer Roy Hoogenraad found meat cooking on a rack in the oven - with no pan underneath to catch the fat. The fat was falling directly on to the element, creating the smoke.

Mr Hoogenraad said the men were from an Indonesian contracting team in Timaru to install ultrafast broadband cable.

The firemen gave the crew their own version of a Masterchef class in the interests of better food and fire safety.

The Timaru Herald