St John kit still missing

21:47, Feb 24 2013
An  A4-sized pack, similar to the one above, was stolen from an ambulance in Temuka.
STILL MISSING: The A4-sized pack, similar to the one above, was stolen from an ambulance in Temuka early on Sunday morning. It has not yet been found.

Potentially life-saving drugs and equipment stolen from an ambulance in Temuka early on Sunday morning are still missing.

Two ambulance crews were assisting a baby with breathing difficulties when the A4-sized pack containing drugs and equipment used in resuscitation, was stolen from an ambulance parked in Dyson St around 1.20am.

While St John's regional operations manager Chris Haines told The Herald the full resuscitation pack worth several thousand dollars had been taken, it now appears only the drugs pack which would usually be in the resuscitation kit, was stolen.

The missing kit, which is about the size of an A4 piece of paper but square, and the thickness of an iPad cover, contained vials of adrenaline and atrophine as well as needles, syringes and dressings. The drugs were primarily used when a patient had had a cardiac arrest.

The red pack has a yellow reflectorised strip on one side and the pack number 03.

Constable Richard Pattie, of Temuka police, visited the Dyson St address where the St John staff had been on Sunday morning, and the residents confirmed his suspicions that there had been a lot of drunk young people in the area around the time of the theft.


"It has probably been a drunken prank by irresponsible teenagers," Mr Pattie said.

On Sunday he described those responsible as "mongrels" and the theft the lowest form of offending possible.

Mr Pattie was keen to hear from anyone with information relating to the pack's whereabouts.

Alternatively it can be returned to St John or left at either the Temuka or Timaru police station.

An oxygen bottle was stolen from an ambulance in Pleasant Point while the crew attended a call out there about two weeks ago.

It was handed in to police about three days later after a resident found it lying in a garden.

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