That springtime feeling

11:59, Sep 26 2012
leslie tennent daffodil
Leslie Tennent in the field of daffodils that's been growing on her family's Otaio farm since about 1946.

Leslie Tennent, pictured, and Robert Tennent, of Otaio, have had plenty of spring pictures taken in their front paddock on State Highway 1 over the years.

The daffodils were originally planted by Mr Tennent's mother, Menzies, about 1946.

Mrs Tennent has been on the farm looking after them since 1973 and over the years their children have sold them for pocket money.

"The only reason I sell them is because the kids stopped selling them and left home, and I had lots of people coming in wanting to still buy them," she said. "They started flowering in the middle of August, but in another week will be looking very bedraggled."

There were several different varieties for sale and three bunches cost $2.50.

"Each year we divide the bulbs and spread them a bit further. Eventually the front paddock should be totally covered."


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