Drug dealings revealed by lost bag

18:55, Oct 04 2012

A St Andrews man has been convicted of selling cannabis, after being implicated by his misplaced backpack.

Peter Galvin Hanifin, 52, pleaded guilty in Timaru District Court to five cannabis charges: possession of cannabis for supply, possession of cannabis utensils, possession of cannabis, possession of cannabis seeds and possession of cannabis oil.

Hanifin was riding his motorbike on State Highway 1 on March 26 when the strap on his backpack broke. A member of the public later picked up the bag which held 17 grams of cannabis and six small ziplock bags and cannabis seeds.

The police fingerprinted the bag and they matched Hanifin's.

On July 24 they searched Hanifin's address where they discovered two plastic bags of cannabis head with 36g of cannabis head, $1500 cash and ziplock bags.

Ten muffins were also found which contained cannabis material - 212g of low-grade cannabis material known as cabbage. Cannabis oil was also discovered.


Judge Joanna Maze convicted and remanded Hanifin on bail to December 6 for sentencing. Other matters Joseph John Renata Mita, 20, unemployed of Timaru; receiving stolen property (two charges) - convicted and remanded on bail to November 20 for sentencing.

Jacob Craig Woodnorth, 17, supermarket worker of Timaru; driving while forbidden, sustained loss of traction - fined $350, six-month driving disqualification.

Kane Jacob McCloy, 18, factory worker of Timaru; driving while suspended - fined $250, disqualified from driving for six months.

Amiee Marie Holmes, 20, sickness beneficiary; burglary, possession of an offensive weapon, assault of a police officer - convicted and remanded on bail to November 20 for sentencing.

Daniel Andrew Lewis Bromley, 23, unemployed of Timaru; breach of community work, breach of community detention (three charges) - 40 hours' community work.

James Ken Edward Robinson, 33, unemployed of Washdyke; theft - nine-month suspended sentence.

Lance Giavani Caffell, 17, of Timaru; driving while suspended - disqualified from driving for six months.

Matthew John Chamberlain, 21, unemployed of Timaru; possession of an airgun in a public place - fined $500.

Brian Donald Ingham, 21, of Timaru; breach of community work - three months' community detention.

Mark Andrew Kavanaugh, 48, labourer of Timaru; assaults female - six months' community detention, nine months' supervision, 150 hours' community work.

Jeremy Lee Hamish O'Meara, 19, of Timaru; theft (two charges) - 50 hours' community work, $56 reparation.

Drink-driving Mervyn James Junior Rangiahua, 19, of Timaru; excess breath-alcohol 689mcg - convicted and remanded to October 9 for sentence. Tommy Waller, 24, of Timaru; EBA 558mcg - fined $400, disqualified from driving for six months. Damien Douglas Kavanaugh, 23, labourer of Timaru; EBA 648mcg, careless driving - three months' community detention, disqualified from driving indefinitely, nine months' supervision.

The Timaru Herald