Deaths projected to exceed births

Deaths will outnumber births by 400 in the Timaru district by 2031, turning the current trend on its head, according to Statistics New Zealand figures issued this week.

They show that last year there were 2600 births and 2100 deaths in the district. It is projected that in 2021 both births and deaths will sit at 2400, but in 2031 there will be 2300 births and 2700 deaths.

The Waimate district faces a similar situation with 30 more deaths than births in 2031.

The Mackenzie District will continue its trend of births outnumbering deaths, with 200 babies expected to be born and 140 deaths expected in 2031.

While the 65-plus age group is one of the smallest in the Timaru district at 20 per cent now, it is expected to grow to be the largest by 2031 at 14,600 - almost a third of the population. The rest of the age groups will gradually fall behind.

The over-65 age group will also be the largest in the Waimate and Mackenzie districts in 2031, at 31 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

The Timaru Herald