Woman incensed by heartless grave theft

19:27, Oct 10 2012
Frances Hughes
GRAVE CONCERN: Frances Hughes is upset after discovering an ornament missing from her family member’s grave in the Woodbury Cemetery.

A Temuka woman claims thieves have targeted a South Canterbury cemetery, stealing an ornamental dog from one grave site and a solar powered butterfly from another.

Frances Hughes was "disgusted" when she made the discovery during a visit to the Woodbury Cemetery on Sunday. A large wooden dog was taken from family member Stan Hughes' grave and a solar powered butterfly was missing from another site.

"I was furious.

"I just think it's so disgusting."

The dog ornament represented Mr Hughes' close companionship with his labrador, Jambo.

She said the ornament, which is black, had a tag around it engraved with the dog's name.


"I often think about what they've done," she said.

"They've desecrated the grave, that's what they've done. It's an evil thing to do.

"That was there as a memento. It was sacrilege to us as a family."

She said she would like the ornament returned to its rightful place.

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