Exhibition taps into nostalgia

23:00, Oct 16 2012
timaru nostalgia exhibition
NOSTALGIA: The American Hamburger Café, circa 1969.

South Canterbury Museum is providing a photographic nostalgia trip for locals inspired by the Timaru History ''Generation X 1965 to 80'' Facebook group.

The museum's latest exhibition, DOWNTOWN, features photographs from around town, depicting how Timaru's central city area has served as a place of work, retail, entertainment, socialising, parading, protesting and more.

Museum director Philip Howe said the exhibition will feature dozens of photographs from the 1950s to the 1990s, providing visitors with a chance to reminisce about local life in the late 20th century.

timaru nostalgia exhibition
RECENT PAST: Stafford Street, outside Faulks & Jordan Chemists, 1990.

As well as printed images, a small theatre area has been set up where visitors can sit in seats from the Majestic Theatre and view large images in a slide show. Visitors will be encouraged to record their recollections in the exhibition on notepads, adding more information to the exhibition.

DOWNTOWN will have a public opening on Friday at 5.30pm, and will run until November 25. On Saturday, the big hair, ripped jeans and fluoros will be back when Timaru braces itself for some nostalgia.

Retro-a-go-go will hit the Caroline Bay Hall when the Timaru History "Generation X 1965 to 80" gather for a reunion.

timaru nostalgia exhibition
STILL HERE: The Bay Hill wishing well, circa 1965.

The group has attracted 3000 members in the past three months. The brainchild of Timaru Gen Xer and revivalist Jason Westaway, the content features numerous photographs of Timaru, kitsch fashion and trends which prompted the reunion.

Expats from as far afield as Australia, the United States, Canada and Britain now share their memories and photographs of Timaru on the page, and some are coming home to relive the glory days for just one night.


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