Honey smoked house

21:44, Oct 18 2012

A pot of honey left unattended on a hot stove left Timaru firefighters dealing with a house full of smoke yesterday.

Firefighters were called to an Abbott St residence in Pareora shortly after 2pm.

The woman resident had been preparing honey on the stove, melting it to separate it from the wax, senior station officer Martyn Bennett said. She went outside to do some gardening and forgot about it.

The substance ignited a small fire on the stove and spewed smoke throughout the house, he said. When the woman was alerted by her smoke alarm, she rang for help.

"She did the right thing once she realised she had a fire," Mr Bennett said. "The smoke alarm operated, she closed the door, went outside and rang us."

Firefighters covered the pot with a fire blanket and took it outside, then used a ventilation fan to get the smoke out of the house.

"Given the age of the house, if fire would have gone into the structure it would have been very difficult to put out," Mr Bennett said.


The Timaru Herald