I'm really bristling to mosey about NZ

Last updated 05:00 30/10/2012
Angus Westgarth
John Bisset
Angus Westgarth will be traveling around NZ raising funds for Movember.
mo bro on the go
MOVEMBER: Angus Westgarth is Mo Bro on the Go, touring New Zealand this month to raise awareness of men's health issues.

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Tomorrow I leave everything I know behind, to set out on what will be the hairiest road trip in New Zealand history.

With nothing more than a van and a Twitter account, I'll set out to conquer the country, relying on other people's goodwill to see me right.

My goals are simple: Raise $25,000 for my individual Movember fundraising; create as much awareness as possible for Movember causes; and actually discover New Zealand.

Organising "Twit on Tour" aka "Mo Bro on the Go" has taken every spare minute of my life for the past 10 months. I have really put my heart and soul into making this the best possible thing I have ever attempted. Time will tell if this is my biggest success or my greatest failure.

When I drive out of Timaru in Merv - my sponsored van - I will be prepared to give this my all and leave everything on the road in an attempt to achieve my goals.

I have already done the hardest part of this journey and that's saying goodbye to my two kids - Natahlia, 4, and Felix, 2.

Thanks to a sponsored phone and internet, I will be able to keep in contact with them as much as I can.

I am a proud Timaru lad. I love this town. It is beautiful, the people are friendly and there are a lot of people here doing incredibly good things.

But am I shortsighted as to what New Zealand really has to offer? I have lived here for 26 of my 27 years. I have rarely travelled. I have Aoraki-Mount Cook in my backyard and have never visited it - crazy, really, considering tourists come from all over the world to see it.

Sure, I have been to Christchurch more times than I can recall and I have visited some other towns. But I was either too young to really take in what it meant to go, or incredibly uninterested because of being a sulky teenager dragged along to some family thing.

This adventure will be a real eye-opener for me. Is Auckland really the be-all-and-end-all I keep hearing about? What town will give me the most money for the cause? And what does anyone know about Timaru?

Over the next month I set out to answer all these questions as I take off on my biggest life adventure in the hope of raising as much money as possible to save other men's lives.

Follow my journey on Twitter @twitontournz and donate to mobro.co/twitontour.

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- The Timaru Herald


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