Banks Peninsula among settings for artworks

19:16, Oct 31 2012
mike deavoll
ON DISPLAY: Mike Deavoll will showcase some of his works from the past two years when he launches his exhibition, Confluence of Histories, at McAtamney Gallery.

Geraldine's McAtamney Gallery is gearing up for its latest showcase of mixed media.

The exhibition called Confluence of Histories is the work of Mike Deavoll and will be on display from Sunday. It features paintings and other mixed media.

Gallery director Carolyn McAtamney-Rasch describes it as a "mini retrospective" of work completed between 2010 and this year.

It took the viewer from a regional landscape theme featuring places in Banks Peninsula, to a deconstructed landscape explaining the formal elements of art making, including colour, texture, shape, tone and line, she said. Deavoll uses acrylic and oil paints to create his works.

He describes his works as "constructive and deconstructive" using layers of paint, which are applied and removed until a surface is reached that links and suggests ideas of permanence and impermanence, the visible and invisible. He also aims to portray a "felt" response to the landscape as opposed to an observed one.

The process of making the images, as well as Deavoll's changing views on what his own work should look like, helped him come up with the exhibition title.

The exhibition opens at the McAtamney Gallery at 4pm on Sunday and ends on November 25.


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