Traffic monitored for lights proposal

19:47, Nov 04 2012
Te Weka St
SURVEY: Traffic lights at Te Weka St. The Timaru District Council has been monitoring the corner of Church St and Wai-iti Rd to determine the benefits of traffic lights at the busy spot.

Pedestrians could soon have safer access to two of Timaru's busy roads.

The Timaru District Council has spent the past two days monitoring traffic at the Otipua Rd and Church St intersection to determine how beneficial traffic lights would be at the busy spot.

Council staff have been counting traffic and monitoring turning movements.

Council land transport manager Andrew Dixon said pedestrian safety was the main reason for the assessment. He said, depending on the survey results, traffic signals could be installed to make it safer for pedestrians to cross both roads.

"There is a chance. It depends on whether it's feasible."

He said installation of traffic signals was driven by "safety reasons", not by "traffic reasons".

"Pedestrian safety is the main reason but we don't want to unnecessarily hold traffic up. That's why we've got to do the counting."

He said a draft report should be completed by the end of this month.

"If it's feasible, installation will probably be early next year."


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