Surprise guest drops in, drops off

19:34, Nov 04 2012
William Bisset was surprised to find a man sleeping on his couch early on Sunday.
COUCH SURFER: William Bisset was surprised to find a man sleeping on his couch early on Sunday.

A good night's rest was the main motivation behind one intruder's break-in of a Timaru house early yesterday.

It appears the intruder stumbled home - to the wrong house - where he got into William Bisset's Rhodes St property before falling asleep on the couch.

Mr Bisset arrived home about 1am and shortly afterwards discovered the sleeping man.

Mr Bisset had turned his television and computer on, before realising he could hear a strange noise. He turned the TV volume down, thinking the noise was the result of bad reception, but it continued.

He then looked across the room where he discovered the intruder.

"I was thinking, do I know this guy and how do I handle this?"


Mr Bisset said the large tattooed man was sleeping heavily so he went outside to phone the police, but the man woke up.

"I spoke to him very reassuringly, but with some firmness. I said ‘You are in the wrong house - you seem like a decent guy, but you need to go now'. He seemed quite bewildered. He didn't seem to believe he was in the wrong house. He took some convincing to get up and go. I think he just didn't know what was happening, to be quite honest."

Police were sent to the house. A police representative also stayed on the phone while Mr Bisset asked the man to leave. "I don't think he meant any harm. He was a decent-sized guy and if he got angry I would have had an issue."

Mr Bisset believes the man, who was co-operative, got in through a side door. He was assessing the lock to see why it failed and has applied more security measures.

A police spokesman said it appeared the intruder had made a genuine mistake.

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