Complaint about mini golf course noted

20:38, Nov 07 2012
mini golf
OFF PAR: The cost of a round of mini golf has gone up at Caroline Bay and some are not impressed with the grounds.

The Caroline Bay Association is to take a close look at the minigolf course after a complaint.

A reader who played a round on the weekend contacted the Herald with concerns about the state of the course.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said weeds were obstructing the turf, the grounds were unkempt, and tiles were loose.

He also noted the cost for a round of golf has been increased from $3 to $5.

Caroline Bay Association president Kevin Ancell said most of the volunteer work carried out at the course was done by those serving community service sentences and did not begin until this month.

"This is the time of the year when the work starts; I can assure you we do have working bees; it's the likes of myself who has to go there to do the work.


"It takes a little bit of maintenance regularly, and unfortunately we don't do it every weekend."

Having been made aware of the complaint, he would have a look at the course and make some inquiries.

"Realistically, we don't make a fortune on the minigolf and we can only spend so much money each year.

"It's just a situation that we have to keep spending if we are going to stay in business.

He says $2000 was spent in 2011 on landscaping the course.

"That was just the cost of the bark; if we had to pay labour then [the bark] would be non existent," he said.

On the issue of price, he felt a $2 rise over two years was not bad considering inflation.

"If they are not happy with $5 then they need to travel further and pay more."

The Herald asked readers on Facebook their thoughts on the minigolf course.

Roe Davey wasn't sure why the price had gone up.

"We went along in the space of two weeks; the first time was $3 each, then suddenly it was $5 each," she said. "Unless it was something to do with cleaning it up a bit: it could use a spruce-up."

Josh Ruwhiu said $5 was too much for a round of minigolf.

Kim Gibson didn't mind paying $5 for a round if the course was updated. "If it were bigger and better I would pay $10."

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