Trotting in to bowl a nagging length

20:57, Nov 07 2012
HORSING AROUND: Bowling on the cricket pitch at TBHS school park may prove a bit sticky if this horse is still around.

Despite the presence of a four-shoed visitor on the Timaru Boys' High School park ground yesterday, there's apparently no truth to the rumour the school is calling up a guest player (to be used exclusively as a runner) for future cricket matches.

Exactly where the visitor hails from is unclear, though the lush outfield was clearly an attaction.

The animal seems certain to be ushered across the boundary in time for the next match, as horseplay is "just not cricket".

MARKING HIS RUN-UP? Is a new cricketer checking out the pitch?

Players will be hoping that it doesn't manage to leave a deposit on a good length before then, however, as they may otherwise find themselves on a sticky wicket.


BREAKING FOR LUNCH: There's no problem feeding this visitor to the TBHS sports ground.

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