Timaru fibre links may be free

Most homeowners taking up ultrafast broadband will not have to pay anything to get the fibre from the street to their home. And neither will a new trench need to be dug in most cases.

Contractors are hoping to have at least 1800 homes in the city UFB-capable later this month, and questions are being asked about how users will connect to the new network.

Chorus spokesman Robin Kelly says the majority of the installations done to date have seen contractors use the existing ducts or network which provide existing services.

Chorus will connect the fibre from the gate (property boundary) to the home or building using an existing street pole, underground duct or new duct. As the main cables have been laid, connections have been made to the boundary of each property.

Chorus funds the first 15 metres of new trenching to connect a home, or up to 100 metres of fibre where there is an available duct, or a single overhead aerial span.

Residences beyond that distance, up to 200 metres, are also covered through a $20 million investment which allows retail providers to offer free installation to residential customers.

Timaru is one of the first towns to benefit from the Government's $1.3 billion UFB rollout.

By mid-2013, the new UFB network should be deployed across Highfield, Washdyke, Smithfield, central Timaru and some areas across Marchwiel, Gleniti, Westend, Waimataitai and Redruth. From July 2013 to June 2014, the UFB network will be rolled-out in other parts of Westend, Gleniti and Marchwiel.

The Timaru Herald