Heart attack a 'timely reminder'

01:43, Nov 20 2012
mo bro tattoo
MO SUPPORT: Angus Westgarth has been meeting Movember supporters all over New Zealand.

What a big week!

I left Timaru last week to head up to Christchurch and met with some Christchurch "tweeple" - a cool group of Christchurch people who all met and became friends through Twitter.

As the week went on, heading up the South Island, I ended up in the center of New Zealand, Nelson.

mo bro tattoo
COLLECTING NAMES: Twit on Tour and Mo Br Angus Westgarth has been taking his flag to support Movember around the country.

Nelson was really eventful; my friend and I came across a man having a heart attack. We called an ambulance, and with the help of a passing stranger, worked together to keep him "with us" until the ambulance got there.

It was a very intense situation and a timely reminder that I should touch up my first aid skills.

I crossed over into Wellington, without even thinking about the time, and stepped off the ferry to find cars flying around on the highway.


mo bro tattoo
TATTOO: Mo Bro Angus Westgarth is inked with a (second) reminder of the Movember cause.

There I was, the small town lad, stunned by traffic that reminded me of the opening of The Jetsons cartoon. I have never seen so many cars in my life!

I jumped into the peak hour traffic and soon discovered that I wasn't alone in Wellington - drivers are all terrible, but they all seem to be fully aware of it. To my surprise, no road rage or even horn honking from anyone.

It set the vibe for what was an amazing weekend in Wellington. I caught up with a great bunch of people. Nothing can describe the overwhelming feeling of sitting at the waterfront awaiting a group of people I have never met before - and they were there to support me and Movember!

I even went a step further to show my dedication and love of Movember, and got the logo tattooed on me.

As I drive further up the country my goal looks like a delusional dream, but I'll keep doing what I can to hit that $25,000. As they say, shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

Check out the journey or donate visit mobro.co/twitontour or www.twitontour.co.nz.

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