Timaruvians receive 'local hero' awards

19:57, Nov 12 2012
richard brown
Timaru Movember fundraising network administrator Richard Brown.

Three Timaruvians are on the list of 22 Canterbury residents who have been named recipients of local hero medals.

The annual award, sponsored by Kiwibank, recognises individuals who are making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Recipients are nominated by their fellow community members, but are not told who nominated them, or why.

geoff mccrostie
Roncalli College rowing coach Geoff McCrostie.

Timaru's three local hero recipients for 2012 are:

Richard Brown, administrator of Timaru's Movember campaign fundraising network and manager of Petite Wine & Dine;

Geoff McCrostie, head rowing coach for Roncalli College and a Timaru police sergeant, and


julie mclean
Craighead Diocesan School teacher and international students programme director Julie McLean.

Julie McLean, science teacher and director of the international students programme at Craighead Diocesan School.

"I was absolutely staggered," Ms McLean said. "I feel particularly honoured that somebody would do this on my behalf.

"You don't do these community things for the reward. You usually do it because you get roped in by your children participating in activities, and lo and behold, you carry on."

Mr Brown said he doesn't do charity work for accolades, but "it is nice to have the work be recognised".

"It's cool to think that I make a difference in town," he said, "and it's a cool thing to have."

Local hero medals are awarded regionally. More than 260 nominations were made throughout New Zealand, and nearly 200 medals were awarded nationwide.

A presentation ceremony for Canterbury recipients will be held in Christchurch on November 28.

All local heroes are also considered for a national award. Semifinalists will be announced at the end of this month.

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