Students 'pretty good' with NCEA English level 1 exam

19:38, Nov 12 2012
roncalli ncea exam
Roncalli College students were able to breathe a sigh of relief as they completed the NCAE Level 1 exam.

"Pretty good" was the consensus of year 11 students completing the NCEA level 1 English exam at Roncalli College yesterday.

Amy Blackler told The Timaru Herald after the exam she had been "studying heaps" and was confident in her performance.

It was the first major examination of the NCEA examinations taking place across the country over the next three weeks.

Amy now has three days to prepare for her next exam - NCEA level 1 biology.

Her friend Amy Lindsay said she found the English exam "good".

"I was feeling kind of confident."


She said maths was probably her best subject.

The girls were not allowed food in the exam room but were armed with plenty of water to keep them hydrated over the three hours.

"I think (the exams) are a bit easier than I thought they were going to be," Amy Lindsay said.

Fellow year 11 student Dane Oates said the exam had been "challenging, but fun".

There was "unfamiliar text", and he had found interpreting sources outlined in the exam difficult. "(But) if you study enough . . . then it's actually quite fun."

Jamie Scott said his hand "really hurt" afterwards having written for three hours straight.

"You don't stop."

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