Local dignitaries may raise a laugh

18:55, Nov 14 2012
Dai Henwood
DAI HENWOOD 'A kid on the inside'

Local government politicians beware - comedian Dai Henwood has you in his sights when he comes to Timaru this month.

Henwood and the 7 Days team will be performing at the Timaru Theatre Royal on November 29 as part of the 7 Days Live tour. The television show recently hit 100 episodes - believed to be unprecedented for a comedy show in New Zealand.

Speaking to The Timaru Herald yesterday, Henwood said he "can't wait" to get on the road.

"We're all great mates and we just love mucking around.

"Doing a live show's so much fun because it makes it a good solid two-hour show."

During the first hour, each comedian performs a stand-up set before launching into the 7 Days show in the second hour.


"No-one ever knows what each other are going to say [in the first hour]. By the time we get to the second half . . . it's great fun," Henwood said.

There was nothing better than getting out of the main centres and into the regions, he said.

"We just get such a good response, and it sort of makes you feel like this is why I'm doing it."

Local district councillors and the mayor were often targeted. "They'll do anything . . . so it's sort of a great way of locals being able to take the p... rather than us doing it."

It was "amazing" to hit 100 episodes of the show, he said.

"Comedy shows never run for that long in New Zealand and to be still doing it . . . it's a pleasure to do and it makes you feel so grateful that you can have a job that you love.

"We've had to go to air with some pretty heavy stuff happening [the Canterbury earthquakes and Pike River mining disaster].

"[And] people say thanks for not holding back.

"It's challenging . . . but it's also . . . you have to talk about it. You can't avoid it. When you can successfully approach those topics without being offensive or disrespectful . . . it's an amazing thing to be a part of."

Henwood visited Timaru in a comedy tour earlier this year and said it was "great times".

"Timaru was a great audience."

Timaruvians could expect anything to happen in the show, he said.

"I wish I could tell them what to expect, but I can't. "[But] definitely expect to have a laugh."


We asked Facebook followers what they wanted to ask Henwood.

Gavin Gould asked: "Who inspired him to start comedy?"

"That's a hard one. The first comic I ever saw was a Robin Williams standup tape . . . that really inspired me. I thought, I could really do that."

Susan "Wolfess" Lester asked: "What do you do when doves cry?"

"I dance with all my heart. She might even see a bit of that in the first half of the show."

Shane Paterson asked: "What's the best heckle he's ever received? What's the best one he's ever given?"

"There was a very loud obnoxious hens night and I got them all up on stage and then they all started giving each other strange lap dances. I ended up just sitting watching from the audience. I didn't have to do anything.

"I couldn't say what's the best heckle I've ever had - there's so many."

Lauren Rogers asked: Has he been offered a role in Lord of the Rings? Maybe a dwarf orc extra . . . ?"

"My first film audition was for the part of Bilbo, which I didn't get obviously."

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