Talks on layoffs to continue

The New Zealand Dairy Workers Union is still in talks with Fonterra about eight staff at its Studholme milk processing plant who were given marching orders in September.

The layoffs followed Fonterra's acquisition of the former New Zealand Dairies operation two months ago.

New Zealand Dairies was placed in receivership in May owing a substantial amount of money to its supplier farmers.

New Zealand Dairy Workers Union national secretary Chris Flatt said the union was still seeking legal advice. It is understood that some of the workers were former employees of Fonterra and that, overall, up to 20 workers had been laid off.

The union had previously confirmed several had worked for Fonterra before. Mr Flatt said the matter was still before authorities.

Efforts had been made to find alternative work for the affected staff, he said.

"There are just a couple of workers we're seeking legal advice for."

The Timaru Herald