Boy's school protective

18:44, Nov 19 2012

The Timaru school at the centre of a suspected abduction is on guard in the wake of the incident.

A 9-year-old boy was discovered injured and in a distressed state at Holme Station Bridge last Thursday afternoon.

Oceanview Heights School principal Jenny Langley said the school was advising parents to pick up their children or make sure they were not alone when they left school.

There were extra teachers on gate duty "just to make sure we keep our parents informed", she said. The school was "very concerned" for the boy. The incident was being keenly felt in the community. "This sort of event . . . hits the community very hard.

"Because we are a small school everybody knows each other."

The school was supporting the family "as best we can".


An assembly was held yesterday morning reiterating the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme that is run each year in conjunction with the police.

The children were "fine", and staff were answering their questions as "truthfully as we can", Mrs Langley said.

"We have very few details at our disposal at this time."

The school was co-operating with police inquiries.

She was confident the procedures at the school to protect children were as "tight" as they could be. "Once children have left the school grounds we have no control over what happens after that. At that point you rely on the community at large to behave appropriately."

The Timaru Herald