Lights ruling delayed

A decision on whether traffic lights will be installed at Timaru's Otipua Rd-Church St intersection is now not expected until next year.

Initially, Timaru District Council's land transport manager, Andrew Dixon had expected a feasibility report on installing traffic lights at the intersection to be completed this month, but additional information was requested including the number of vehicles passing through the area.

Other issues which needed to be addressed included access to some properties very close to the intersection, Mr Dixon said.

At this stage no issues had been identified which could rule the project out.

Mr Dixon still expected the report to be completed this year, but it would not be considered by the council until next year.

Police have voiced concern over the intersection in the past, especially as the Church St pedestrian crossing is so close to it.

A change to the left-hand turning rules had resulted in traffic travelling much faster when turning left from Otipua Rd into Church St, Mr Dixon said.

The Timaru Herald