Mixed response to Movember meet-ups in north

03:33, Nov 20 2012
mo bro
GATHERING: Angus Westgarth at a Hamilton tweet-up as part of his Movember road trip.

As I begin the journey back to Timaru, I am left pondering the week that was.

I left Wellington for this year's Movember capital, PalMOston North. It was good to see the Movember capital concept that was used at TiMOru last year applied to another town.

Sometimes we forget how the rest of New Zealand views our notorious and famous Movember efforts. TiMOru, we really are something special.

mo bro
MO MEN: Angus Westgarth took his Movember road trip through Hamilton, stopping to pose with fellow mo-man Riff Raff.

As I made my way north, admiring the amazing scenery New Zealand has to offer, something I hadn't truly felt yet began to sink in - homesickness. Sure, I had missed home, Timaru, family and friends, but there was something about the lower North Island that made me yearn for home.

I made my way to Hamilton and met with the local tweeps, another cool bunch of people. But Auckland awaited. With my previous adjustment to Wellington traffic, I was wary as I approached the "Big Smoke".

I had asked two questions of everyone I met on the way up: Had they been to Auckland, and if they had, did they enjoy it? The majority didn't have a lot to say about it; Hamiltonians, however, said only good things. I can't work out if that's because Aucklanders tend mock Hamilton, more than the South Island (so they may have been sucking up).


I hit Auckland to discover the true meaning of highway. This Timaru lad grabbed the steering wheel as tight as possible and hoped my GPS would see me right.

After getting lost, I made it to my destination where I had an awesome night out with some comedian friends. The night was almost therapeutic in a way. It was great to laugh at others and not at myself for the first time in three weeks.

I had arranged a Movember gathering, albeit at short notice, for Saturday night. After being told that Aucklanders get right behind this type of stuff, I was shocked and disappointed to see only three or so tweeps turn up.

To those in Auckland who did turn up to support me and my efforts and/or homed me, I really appreciate it. You really made my time in Auckland fun.

It's with mixed feelings I begin my journey home.

There's still more than a week left in the 2012 Movember campaign. Donate to my Movember efforts here: mobro.co/twitontour or www.twitontour.co.nz.

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