Man wants to apologise in person for smashing jaw

19:26, Nov 20 2012

The Christchurch man accused of breaking the jaw of East Coast rugby player Ben Parkes outside a Timaru bar has been referred to restorative justice.

Cameron Manunui Tangen, 19, was charged with injuring with intent to injure. In Timaru District Court yesterday Judge Joanna Maze remanded Parkes on bail to March 27 for sentencing to allow restorative justice to take place.

The incident occurred after the East Coast rugby team played South Canterbury on Saturday, September 1. In the early hours of the Sunday at Malbas bar, Tangen saw the victim having a heated discussion with his cousin. He confronted him and the two fell to the floor fighting and they were separated.

The bar closed half an hour later at 3am and the two began arguing again outside.

Tangen hit Parkes with a closed fist causing him to fall to the ground. Tangen left the scene while Parkes was taken to Timaru Hospital with a fractured jaw and later to Christchurch Hospital for reconstructive surgery.

In court yesterday Tangen expressed a desire to go to the North Island and apologise in person to Parkes along with offering an emotional harm payment. The case was remanded until March to allow this to take place.


The Timaru Herald