Surgery for hernia scheduled

00:40, Nov 21 2012
john rankin
BATTLING ON: John Rankin was told by surgeons at Timaru Hospital that when the hernia surrounding his colostomy bag popped out he was to push it back in.

Hernia sufferer John Rankin finally has a date with a surgeon.

The 65-year-old is booked to have his hernia repaired at Timaru Hospital today.

He said he was diagnosed about six months ago.

The hernia is near the site of the stoma, or opening, that connects his bowel to a colostomy bag. Because of its proximity, the hernia pops out three to four times a week.

Mr Rankin said he was told by surgeons at Timaru Hospital that the only way to deal with the hernia was to "push it back in".

He returned to hospital in pain earlier this month where he discovered the hernia was repairable. "I'm pleased it's going to be done. It's not going to make much difference to my stoma, but at least they are getting the hernia repaired."


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