Waimate High School announces awards

20:05, Nov 20 2012
ceri giddens waimate
Ceri Giddens is Waimate High School dux for 2012.

Waimate High School prizegiving awards are as follows:

Senior prizegiving

Ashton Buckingham: Bryan Briggs Gateway Trophy; Charlotte Meyer: first in Art; Beatrice O'Brien: first in Music; Emily Powell first in Biology, Geography; Steph Drake: first in Biology, Geography; Ashna Prasad first in: L1 Economics, L2 Tourism, George Seymour Trophy for Tourism, BNZ Trophy for Year 11 Economics; Leigh Weeks: first in Tourism, Isobel Dempsey Trust Award; Dominique Weir: first in Foods and Hospitality, Isobel Dempsey Trust Award; Phoebe Todd: first in Drama, Physical Education, Margaret Ellen Cup for Physical Education; Ceri Giddens: first in Media Studies by DL, History, Classics; Dan Dooley: first in Statistics and Modelling, English, Physics by DL, Chemistry, Rattray Prize for Literature, Kirk Trophy Outstanding Year 13 Science, Staite Cup for Senior Mathematics

Subject prizes

M Gillett Trophy for Outstanding Achievements in Commerce: Nathan Willians; BNZ Trophy for Excellence in Year 11 Economics: Ashna Pashad; BNZ Cup for Excellence in Year 11 Accounting: Kelsey Chamberlain; Rattray Cup for Literature: Dan Dooley; Raymond Woods Prize for Year 12 Science: Nathan Williams; A West Cup for practical work in Year 12 Physics: Nathan Williams; Kirk Trophy Outstanding Year 13 Science: Dan Dooley; Kirk Trophy for Art: Emily Johnston; Kirk Trophy for Practical Work in Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Greig Moore Prize for Excellence in Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Isobel Dempsey Prize for Food and Nutrition, Year 11: Anita White; Year 12: Leigh Weeks; Year 13: Leigh Weeks and Dominique Weir; Ian Dempsey Prize for Year 11 Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Harker Cup for Senior Mathematics: Dan Dooley; Coxon Prize for Mathematics: Ben Richards; M Allen Cup for Excellence in Physical Education: P Todd; Lucy Mehrtens Trophy for Aptitude to Senior Drama: Emily Johnston; George Seymour Trophy for Tourism: Ashna Prasad; Bryan Briggs Trophy for Positive Contribution to Pre-Employment Programme: Ashton Buckingham

Special prizes


Marie Bremner Shield for Leadership: Emily Powell; Stewart Mills Cup for Leadership; Dan Dooley: 2012 Student Representative on The Board: Tyla Stevenson

Sports Awards

Margaret Allen Cup: Ruby Cochrane; ID Schrader Cup and Colour for Rugby: Scott Willoughby; Jubilee Shield: Pitcaithly; All-Round Excellence in Performing Arts: Phoebe Todd

Citizen Awards

Special Prize for Contribution to Youth Council: Dylan Mead; Kennedy-Nuttal Cup for Tenacity At Year 12: Jamil Patel; Class Of 64 Reunion Trophy: Caitlin Fahey

Year 13 Awards

PTA Prize, All-Round Excellence: Stepanie Drake; Special Contribution to The School: Leigh Weeks

Academic Awards

Dr Wylie Memorial Prize, boy: Shaun Kinsbury; girl: Jorydyn Brunnenkreef; ANZ Bank Prize: Leigh Weeks; RSA Prize: Rebecca Davis

Past Pupils Assoc Scholarships

Year 11 Returning to Year 12: Sophie Dempster, Michael Garland, Tatyana Loye; Year 12 Returning to Year 13: Naomi Morton, Lachie Robertson, Ben Richards

Academic Trophies

Chairman's Cup: Kelsey Chamberlain; Russell Crossan Cup: Nathan Williams


Norman Kirk Memorial Trust Scholarship: Dominique Weir

Proxime Accessit to Dux, AES Scholarship: Dan Dooley

Dux Prize, AES Scholarship: Ceri Giddens

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