Waimate High School announces awards

Ceri Giddens is Waimate High School dux for 2012.
Ceri Giddens is Waimate High School dux for 2012.

Waimate High School prizegiving awards are as follows:

Senior prizegiving

Ashton Buckingham: Bryan Briggs Gateway Trophy; Charlotte Meyer: first in Art; Beatrice O'Brien: first in Music; Emily Powell first in Biology, Geography; Steph Drake: first in Biology, Geography; Ashna Prasad first in: L1 Economics, L2 Tourism, George Seymour Trophy for Tourism, BNZ Trophy for Year 11 Economics; Leigh Weeks: first in Tourism, Isobel Dempsey Trust Award; Dominique Weir: first in Foods and Hospitality, Isobel Dempsey Trust Award; Phoebe Todd: first in Drama, Physical Education, Margaret Ellen Cup for Physical Education; Ceri Giddens: first in Media Studies by DL, History, Classics; Dan Dooley: first in Statistics and Modelling, English, Physics by DL, Chemistry, Rattray Prize for Literature, Kirk Trophy Outstanding Year 13 Science, Staite Cup for Senior Mathematics

Subject prizes

M Gillett Trophy for Outstanding Achievements in Commerce: Nathan Willians; BNZ Trophy for Excellence in Year 11 Economics: Ashna Pashad; BNZ Cup for Excellence in Year 11 Accounting: Kelsey Chamberlain; Rattray Cup for Literature: Dan Dooley; Raymond Woods Prize for Year 12 Science: Nathan Williams; A West Cup for practical work in Year 12 Physics: Nathan Williams; Kirk Trophy Outstanding Year 13 Science: Dan Dooley; Kirk Trophy for Art: Emily Johnston; Kirk Trophy for Practical Work in Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Greig Moore Prize for Excellence in Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Isobel Dempsey Prize for Food and Nutrition, Year 11: Anita White; Year 12: Leigh Weeks; Year 13: Leigh Weeks and Dominique Weir; Ian Dempsey Prize for Year 11 Agriculture: Sam Fenwick; Harker Cup for Senior Mathematics: Dan Dooley; Coxon Prize for Mathematics: Ben Richards; M Allen Cup for Excellence in Physical Education: P Todd; Lucy Mehrtens Trophy for Aptitude to Senior Drama: Emily Johnston; George Seymour Trophy for Tourism: Ashna Prasad; Bryan Briggs Trophy for Positive Contribution to Pre-Employment Programme: Ashton Buckingham

Special prizes

Marie Bremner Shield for Leadership: Emily Powell; Stewart Mills Cup for Leadership; Dan Dooley: 2012 Student Representative on The Board: Tyla Stevenson

Sports Awards

Margaret Allen Cup: Ruby Cochrane; ID Schrader Cup and Colour for Rugby: Scott Willoughby; Jubilee Shield: Pitcaithly; All-Round Excellence in Performing Arts: Phoebe Todd

Citizen Awards

Special Prize for Contribution to Youth Council: Dylan Mead; Kennedy-Nuttal Cup for Tenacity At Year 12: Jamil Patel; Class Of 64 Reunion Trophy: Caitlin Fahey

Year 13 Awards

PTA Prize, All-Round Excellence: Stepanie Drake; Special Contribution to The School: Leigh Weeks

Academic Awards

Dr Wylie Memorial Prize, boy: Shaun Kinsbury; girl: Jorydyn Brunnenkreef; ANZ Bank Prize: Leigh Weeks; RSA Prize: Rebecca Davis

Past Pupils Assoc Scholarships

Year 11 Returning to Year 12: Sophie Dempster, Michael Garland, Tatyana Loye; Year 12 Returning to Year 13: Naomi Morton, Lachie Robertson, Ben Richards

Academic Trophies

Chairman's Cup: Kelsey Chamberlain; Russell Crossan Cup: Nathan Williams


Norman Kirk Memorial Trust Scholarship: Dominique Weir

Proxime Accessit to Dux, AES Scholarship: Dan Dooley

Dux Prize, AES Scholarship: Ceri Giddens

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