Waimate skatepark cost dropped

Vision: Waimate’s new skatepark design.
Vision: Waimate’s new skatepark design.

Waimate should have a skatepark within four months and at a significantly lower cost than originally proposed.

Waimate District Council has approved a funding request for $100,000 to be uplifted when a balance of $40,000 has been raised by the Waimate Skatepark Committee.

The council had originally been asked for $150,000 but that figure was altered by Mayor John Coles in 2011. The total cost for the project has dropped from an earlier estimate of $270,000 to $140,000. 

The new proposal is to build a smaller 250-square-metre prefabricated skatepark, six-metre climbing net and bouldering wall at Boland Park near the swimming pool.

The Waimate Skatepark Committee has so far raised $7000 with a promise of a further $16,000.

Spokesman Steve Napper says the group is confident that it can raise $40,000 and see the project completed in March.

The project has the support from Waimate councillors except Deputy Mayor Peter McIlraith, who says council has strayed from its original proposal.

''I think there needs to be more analysis done.''

Councillor McIlraith has previously argued that those in outlying wards will not receive value for money.

Councillor Sharyn Cain congratulated the Waimate Skatepark Committee for their continuing effort.

''The young people have been waiting a long time for this; it would be nice to see something productive being done.''

Mr Napper says the project is much bigger than a skatepark and is just the start.

''With the park central to the community centre, swimming pool and BMX track this will complete the area as a family-centred zone and a future development which we hope will include a picnic/barbecue area and cross-generational exercise equipment.

''On completion we will have something for everyone from kids right through to grandparents.''

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