Skype wedding makes special occasion

16:00, Nov 23 2012

A treasured memory was made from a room in the South Canterbury Hospice when Janet Mackenzie was able to see her granddaughter's wedding through Skype.

The occasion was complete with champagne for the women, beer for the men, a cheeseboard and wedding cake. The Skype-wedding was attended by a group of Mrs Mackenzie's friends, several nurses, Dr Gary Cooper and, by his wife's side, her husband Frank Mackenzie.

Granddaughter Morag Carpenter was married in a tiny church in Aokautere, east of Palmerston North, on November 17.

Mrs Mackenzie was "dressed to the nines", according to hospice clinical services manager Shona Lowson. Her outfit was topped off with a pink hat with netting around it that was fit for a queen.

The couple also had buttonhole flowers made for them - a beautiful orchid for her, and a white rose for him.

Although she was unwell at the time, Mrs Mackenzie sat up and watched the entire wedding, giving the bride and groom a queen's wave after the ceremony.


Daughter-in-law Teresa Mackenzie said that Mrs Mackenzie absolutely loved being able to see the wedding, and it was particularly special for her daughter, Morag's mother Susanne.

"It completed it all for her," she said.

"It enabled them all to be a part of it." The idea came from the hospice, and Teresa Mackenzie said it was an incredible gift to give to her mother and father-in-law.

"The wedding cake, the champagne . . . I thought it was amazing, just gorgeous. The hospice really went above and beyond.

"It's also a memory to make for Frank, because it was their last social occasion."

Sadly, Mrs Mackenzie died on the November 22, but she was very happy to be able to share the occasion with her family and friends, and the staff at the hospice.

The Timaru Herald