Rapist took advantage of drunk girl

A 23-year-old Timaru man was tearful as he was sent to jail for five years and three months for rape.

Forestry worker Jacob Karl Laugesen was sentenced yesterday in Timaru District Court on a charge of sexual violation by rape, which occurred on January 3 this year.

Judge Joanna Maze said the victim had been drinking at Laugesen's house and became so intoxicated she was vomiting and she went into his bedroom and lay down on a bed. Laugesen came into the room and laid down on top of her. She tried to push him away but he pinned her down with his body, removed her lower clothing and raped her and then told her not to tell anyone.

Judge Maze said the victim's young age and level of intoxication made her vulnerable.

"You forced unwanted intercourse on a young girl, which will possibly remain with her for the rest of her life."

She reduced the original sentence of seven years to account for his guilty plea which meant the victim did not have to endure a trial.

A Waimate man was sentenced to four years and four months imprisonment yesterday after a jury in March found him guilty of aggravated burglary.

Justin Leigh Harney, 41, was also found guilty of assault with intent to injure, attempting to pervert the course of justice and two charges of threatening to commit grievous bodily harm following an incident on January 20 last year.

Harney went to the victim's house just after 1pm because his flatmate owed him money. He had a backpack on and after he entered the house he took it off and put two knives on the table.

Harney went out of the house to use his cellphone and came back in an aggravated state.

Harney threatened to stab the victim and picked up one of the knives and attempted to hit him as he hid behind a door.

Harney then followed him into the backyard and hit the victim with a knife.

He put the knife to the victim's neck and said: "I could do you right now". Then he poked the knife into his shoulder. He then threatened to stab the victim's partner if she rang the police.

Judge Joanna Maze also included in the prison sentence eight charges of receiving stolen property, possession of a knife and possession of cannabis, cannabis seeds and cannabis utensils.

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