Hometown welcome for Mo bro

02:45, Nov 26 2012
farmside welcome
MO MEMORIES: A photo montage pulls together the elements of one Mo Bro's New Zealand adventure.

I have arrived safely back to Timaru.

It's with mixed feelings I begin to settle into a routine which for three weeks didn't exist. A big part of me feels disappointed that I didn't achieve my target of $25,000.

I feel as though I have let down a lot of people who supported me and believed I would achieve my goal. However, I am very proud to be the first person to take Movember across the entire country.

farmside welcome
SHOW OF SUPPORT: Angus Westgarth and his kids Nathalia, 4, and Felix, 2, show off their best Movember mos.

I returned to a BBQ hosted by my workplace, which has been really supportive of my Movember vision and allowed me the time off to attempt something bigger than me.

How does Timaru stack up to the rest of the country? Well, I'm not going to lie - Timaru is the butt of many jokes through an illusion of a rural town riddled with sheep. But we are known as a giving town, with our fundraising efforts beyond Movember gaining national recognition.

For me, having never seen the rest of New Zealand before, I can honestly say we really stack up with the rest of the country. In fact, we are really lucky here! The people of Timaru are friendly, the town is clean, we have the ocean right at our doorstep, a winter wonderland of mountains as our backdrop and the summer escape of the lakes just up the road!


Timaru is like our own secret paradise. We are moving forward as a town away from the old rural town perception.

The last three weeks saw me travel New Zealand relying on strangers to home me. I am proud to say, I am the first New Zealander to be permanently inked with the Movember logo. In preparation for the Christchurch Movember Gala party this Friday, I currently have a half-bleached mo.

Do I regret any of it? No way!

This charity means too much to me to sit back and do nothing about it. My journey allowed me to spread the Movember message to thousands of people; Movember being like my Christmas, I guess this makes me a skinny moustached Santa Claus of some sort!

I have made hundreds of new friends and have a big blueprint for something really special.

I'm currently sitting in second place for Movember fundraising in New Zealand, about $5000 behind the current leader.

I may be home but the work won't stop.

TiMOru has the current Number 1 female fundraiser in New Zealand and I want to make this a TiMOru double! So get those donations in to: mobro.co/twitontour or www.twitontour.co.nz and follow me on Twitter @TwitOnTourNZ.


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