New railway crossing takes shape

03:29, Nov 27 2012
temuka denmark st crossing
NO ACCESS: The vehicle crossing at Denmark St is now closed and the pedestrian crossing has been moved.

The Denmark St railway crossing in Temuka has been permanently closed and work on a new pedestrian crossing is nearly completed, officials say.

The pedestrian crossing, which was relocated about 80 metres south of the previous crossing to Commerce St, had opened, but some final work remained at the intersection of Commerce St and Hally Tce, Temuka ward councillor Pat Mulvey said.

The temporary safety barriers in that location would be replaced by permanent barriers, he said.

However, that work would not begin until water-main work along Hally Tce was completed.

Mr Mulvey said the entire project was expected to be completed about Christmas. Denmark St was closed and fencing had been constructed across the former vehicle crossing.

KiwiRail had sought the closure of Denmark St for several years, arguing that it had become a safety hazard because of trains straddling the crossing for long periods, while they were parked at the Temuka railway yards waiting to be loaded and unloaded.


The Timaru Herald