Woman verbally abused after crash

Police are seeking a driver involved in a suspected road rage incident on Wai-iti Road this morning.

Senior constable Brent Rissman said a woman had pulled over to the left side of the road near the Park Lane intersection at 7.30am.

A man driving what was described as a silver four-wheel-drive station wagon then drove into the driver's side of the car in ''possibly some kind of road rage incident'', he said.

''There's been quite a reasonable amount of damage to both vehicles.''

The male then allegedly got out of the car and yelled abuse at the woman, aged 25, before ''taking off'' west along Wai-iti Road.

Mr Rissman would like to hear from any witnesses or to speak to the driver involved.

The woman was not injured. Unfortunately there were few details on the driver and the vehicle, Mr Rissman said.

The Timaru Herald