Drama teacher hands over spotlight

BOWING OUT: Mountainview drama teacher Elizabeth Grubb is retiring.
BOWING OUT: Mountainview drama teacher Elizabeth Grubb is retiring.

She has been the face of theatre at Mountainview High School, but at the end of this school year drama teacher Elizabeth Grubb will bow out.

The dynamic educator is directing her final play at the school, Alice in Wonderland, which will be performed to primary school students and the public next week.

"This is my swan song, and you are my swans," she told the young performers at rehearsal yesterday.

Coffee in hand - "I spend my life directing with a coffee cup in hand" - she took the students through their paces before opening day on Monday.

Alice was a favourite, she said.

"I love Alice in Wonderland. When I was a little girl I remember learning [the characters] Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I can't remember which one I was.

"Also, in Through the Looking Glass, I love the Red Queen . . . and the White Queen.

"I've just known it forever."

She has directed up to 50 productions during her time at the school - about two a year - and would miss the constant contact with students, she said. "They're magic and I'm very lucky to have had a job that involves being with young people."

Student Zoe Hopa, who performs as one of three Alices, said Mrs Grubb was "just so honest".

"She just says whatever she wants."

The 20 performers agreed that she would be missed.

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