Morgan's focus on saving pays off

WINNING ENTRY: Budding artist Morgan Oudemans
WINNING ENTRY: Budding artist Morgan Oudemans

St Patrick's School pupil Morgan Oudemans is polishing up her artistic skill and is $500 richer as a result.

She has won a nationwide poster competition.

Her win comes off the back of a junior school promotion to come up with various ways to fundraise for their school camp in Hanmer. Pupils organised themselves into groups, made company names, logos and products that they marketed and sold.

It coincided with a nationwide financial literacy programme in schools. The seminar presenter was impressed with what pupils were doing and told teaching staff about the competition.

Room 4 had been studying static images, layout, colour, digital technology and photography earlier in the year.

"It was great to put all the learning to good use," teacher Colleen Suddaby said.

Children had to design a poster that had a savings message and appropriate imagery to go with it. They could use any medium they wished. The only conditions were that the poster had to be A4 size and two dimensional.

Most pupils opted to use computer technology to produce their posters and were proficient using drawing programs in Google documents and organising their ideas, Ms Suddaby said.

Morgan is going to save most of her money - leaving it in the bank to grow.

The Timaru Herald