Phone book easy to read

18:22, Nov 28 2012
Jade Morris
DOWNSIZE: Jade Morris takes a look at South Canterbury’s new phone book, which has been reduced in size by 10 per cent. The typesize has not changed. She compares the old book, open, and the new book, which she believes will be more manageable.

Timaru's new phone book is one of a kind in the country.

The book, due out this week, is 10 per cent smaller in height and width, but the text size will remain the same, thanks to feedback from other districts struggling to read smaller print.

Yellow Pages Group, which produces the books, announced in August that South Canterbury's directory would be reduced in size, including the text, following suit with other districts. It said anyone struggling to read the smaller typesize would get a free magnifying glass.

However, the smaller font has been an issue for people in other districts, Yellow communications manager Katherine Cornish said.

Yellow has listened to the feedback and made alterations accordingly, she said.

South Canterbury is the first district to benefit from the feedback because it is the last book to be produced in the annual cycle.


Miss Cornish said South Canterbury's book has thinner paper, but its quality meant the print would not be seen on the other side of the page, any more than it was before.

"There's a new paper stock. This one feels slightly thicker, but it's not and it makes the reading sharper."

The White Pages section of South Canterbury's 2013 directory has 156 pages, up from 141 in 2012. That increase suggests more pages were needed to compensate for less space on the page. However, the Yellow Pages section has 183 pages, down from 206 in 2012.

The Herald asked people yesterday what they thought of the new book and the response was positive.

When told that the book had been reduced in size, most people were quick to assume that the typesize would have also shrunk. They were pleasantly surprised to find out it had not.

The majority of people who spoke to The Herald said although the new book was more manageable they would probably still use the internet to find a phone number.

South Canterbury residents can expect a copy of the new phone book from Friday.

The Timaru Herald