Road repairs progressing

19:50, Dec 06 2012
raincliff bridge
EXPENSIVE: The Raincliff Bridge repair bill will be met by the Mackenzie and Timaru district councils and NZTA.

Repairs to the Mackenzie district's damaged roads in the wake of the winter floods are about "halfway complete", according to the roading manager Suzy Ratihi.

Ms Ratihi said more than $450,000 of repair work had been completed by the end of October. The council's repair bill was about $1 million, of which 82 per cent would be subsidised by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

"Progress is as good you could expect, given the time and resources required," she said.

"We would have liked more repairs on the bridges under way, but getting contractors out, and preparing for the work always takes time."

Several bridges were out of action after the July and August floods, while Ms Ratihi said much of the expense concerned work required to get the roading network back up to its previous standard - let alone the cost of additional repairs.

Ms Ratihi's report to the council said that repairing the Raincliff Bridge would cost $140,000 to $170,000, with costs to be shared with Timaru District Council and NZTA. The work would require increasing the height of a pier, and reinforcing the structure.


"We still have a lot of work required for the Raincliff, Haldon Rd and Stoneleigh bridges.

"There's also a significant amount of grading and filling in potholes to be completed," she said.

"We expect to get all the work done by the end of the next financial year, but it's dependent on all things going to plan. It was a big flood."

The floods were some of the worst South Canterbury had seen in decades. During one 36-hour period in early August, the Mackenzie district recorded 220mm of rain - comparable with the floods in 1986 and 1994, and considered to be a one-in-100-year event, while the district recorded more than 450mm of rain for the whole month.

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