Publicans' accord leads to two being banned

SECURITY: A bouncer.
SECURITY: A bouncer.

Two people have been trespassed from Timaru bars since licensed premises united to curb late-night drunkenness.

An accord signed and witnessed by publicans, police and health authorities nearly two months ago is having a positive spinoff, one of its co-ordinators says.

The project is known as the Changing Attitudes Towards Alcohol Project, United Licensees Timaru (Catapult) and aims to send a united message to patrons that bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

Community and Public Health spokesman Shayne Broughton says the system is working well with pub staff communicating via smartphone technology.

The application allows them to link up with staff at other premises and report issues that arise during peak periods.

They advise other licensees directly or via security staff of problem patrons and consider trespassing troublemakers in their or other accord members' premises.

The Timaru Herald