Call for youth to act on suicide

19:22, Dec 12 2012
sharleyne diamond
TIME TO TALK: Sharleyne Diamond talks to her two children, Jordan and Jessica, about suicide.

A Timaru parent is calling on youth to talk if they see the symptoms and danger signs associated with suicide.

Sharleyne Diamond is urging teenagers who know others who are self harming, who are depressed, and feel at the end of their tether, to speak out.

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"I'd like to think the communication lines are well and truly open in our family but how does one ever know for sure?"

Ms Diamond is mother to two children, aged 17 and 12.

"Children have a knack for telling parents what they know they want to hear.


"The needless death of children who either feel they have no other choice or who take their own lives on the spur of the moment is becoming all too prevalent and it's time we all speak out."

She says children often know of someone else's problems long before parents or teachers.

"I think some children are talking among themselves and not sharing what they know with a trusted adult or the parents of a child who is at risk; I urge those who have friends who are self harming, who are depressed and feel at the end of their tether, to speak out on their behalf.

"I suspect at-risk people will tell you not to tell anyone but the very fact they have shared with you the problems they are facing is a call for help."

She is pleading with young people to tell someone.

"It may save a life; none of us as parents ever want to experience the pain a suicide of a child brings but there are people in our very own community suffering right now.

"We as adults mourn for the loss because we believe there is a solution to any problem if only they'd reached out for help.

"The person who takes their life cannot see a solution; suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better."

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