Pair shift wedding to significant date

19:11, Dec 12 2012
Jarrod and Melodie Bool
TIMES TWELVE: Jarrod and Melodie Bool were married at the Timaru Courthouse yesterday, selecting their special day to fall on the 12.12.2012. They took the numbers a step further by starting the ceremony at 12.12pm.

Jarrod and Melodie Bool are unlikely to forget their wedding anniversary.

The pair were married at the Timaru Court House yesterday, taking advantage of the date 12.12.2012. They went one step further by starting their ceremony at 12.12pm.

Taking advantage of the repetitive date sequence was something the couple decided to do a week ago, Mr Bool said.

"We were planning on getting married in February and my mother works at the court house and she suggested we get married on the 12th. I thought, that sounds like a fun idea."

The couple shared their special day with 12 close friends and family, including their daughters Jazmin, 3, and Sophie, 4. "Everything went better than planned. It was good, it was awesome actually," Mr Bool said.

His mother, Marita Bool, swapped her role of family court co-ordinator to take photographs of the special occasion and court team leader Alice Hodges conducted the ceremony.


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